What's broken

God’s gift of life multiplies. We’ve taken that gift for granted. Abortion happens for a variety of reasons, rooted in humanity’s disregard for the value of life. The statistics from around the world are staggering, but so are those close to home. One in three American women, and nearly one in three Canadian women, will have an abortion in their lifetime.


Why we care

Abortion hurts women, but our culture seeks to normalize its practice. Abortion in the U.S. has deeply racist roots, but conversations in North America remain largely ignorant of these facts.


What restoration looks like

The Contemporary Testimony of the Christian Reformed Church beautifully states how Christians are called to respond.

Life is a gift from God’s hand,

who created all things.

Receiving this gift thankfully,

with reverence for the Creator,

we protest and resist

all that harms, abuses, or diminishes the gift of life,

whether by abortion, pollution, gluttony,

addiction, or foolish risks.

Because it is a sacred trust,

we treat all life with awe and respect,

especially when it is most vulnerable—

whether growing in the womb,

touched by disability or disease,

or drawing a last breath.

When forced to make decisions

at life’s raw edges,

we seek wisdom in community,

guided by God’s Word and Spirit. (Article 44)

In the United States, twenty-one percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion. 1.06 million lives were ended prematurely. In Canada, nearly 65,000 lives are taken each year by abortion, which is also around twenty percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages).


All of the sources for the US stats are listed on the Guttmacher Institute web page cited above. Canada’s stats are from abortionincanada.ca/stats/annual-abortion-rates and www.med.uottawa.ca/sim/data/Abortion_e.htm in that order.