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Things to remember as you plan worship:

  • Statistically, it is highly likely that there are post-abortive women and men in your congregation.
  • Some women were forced to have abortions against their will.
  • Adoption was used as a tool in colonization and can still carry cultural baggage. While adoption is a wonderful option for many, it is not a culturally acceptable option for all women.
  • Many women choose abortion because they truly believe it to be critical to their survival. Economic hardship, lack of family or relational support, and work or educational responsibilities are the top determining factors for women who choose abortion.
  • Abortion has global effects, particularly in terms of gender selection and disability.
  • The CRC is blessed with many passionate advocates for life. If someone will be speaking to your congregation, seek to ensure that passion is tempered with sensitivity to the variety of experiences (like post-abortive men and women, families grieving miscarriages, couples struggling with infertility, women who have released children for adoption, and adoptive parents) represented by the people in your pews.


Educational Resources

Studies and Articles

Access to Contraception Decreases Rates of Abortion

Research has been demonstrating that increased access to contraception has decreased the rate of abortion in the United States in recent years. 

     Abortion Incidence and Service Availability in the United States, 2011

     Did increasing use of highly effective contraception contribute to declining abortions in Iowa?

     Game Change in Colorado: Widespread Use of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives  and Rapid Declines in Births Among Young, Low-Income Women  

     Provision of No-Cost, Long-Acting Contraception and Teenage Pregnancy


Abortion: Seeking Common Ground

Although a bit dated (1993), the Reformed Church in America’s study guide for adults titled: Abortion: Seeking Common Ground, is still a very helpful educational resource.


Christian Faith, Health and Medical Practice

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship gathered a small group that included Dr. Biologist Dr. Hessel Bouma, Medical doctor and ethicist Dr. Douglas Diekema, Philosopher Edward Langerak, sociologist Dr. Theodore Rottman, and Theologian Dr. Allen Verhey. In 1989 the results of this collaboration were released in the form of a small book titled Christian Faith, Health and Medical Practice. Although now out of print, the book still generates productive reflection and discussion. We expect to have an electronic version available here soon.


Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has articulated the principles and impacts involved in abortion.



Life is a gift from God. Caring for new human life, whether in the womb or outside of it, means caring for mothers (and families!).  We know that the principalities and powers set themselves against God’s promise of “life, life to the full”.   Read these articles on our blog.


Fredrica Matthewes Green Articles

Fredrica Matthewes Green is a prolific writer who has not shied away from engaging life issues in her work. A couple of her finer essays include:

Seeking Abortion’s Middle Ground (Washington Post, July 28 1996)

Beyond “It’s a Baby” (National Review, December 31 1997)


Ending Gendercide

Eric Metaxas wrote about gendercide--aborting the unborn because of their gender--around the world.


Adoption Speech

Iowan Senator Ken Rozeboom, a CRC member, gave this emotional speech where he told the story about how his son Matt came to be in his family through adoption.



Sexual Ethics: An Evangelical Perspective by Stanley T. Grenz Grenz offers overviews of historical church positions on human sexuality--including birth control and abortion--and thoughtfully supports conclusions consistent with CRC positions.
Why Pro-Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers by Randy Alcorn In this small book, Alcorn offers an evangelical, Christian perspective on why it is critical that Christians seek to protect preborn life and how Christians can support women facing unexpected pregnancies in their community.


Bella (2006) The themes of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption run strongly through this award-winning film about life and choices, touching on issues of abortion and adoption.
 October Baby (2011) This recent film, while it fails to offer a comprehensive understanding of the issue, is assuredly discussion-worthy.
If These Walls Could Talk (1996) This HBO-made film, while not presented from a Christian perspective, looks at abortion through three women’s stories. This is another discussion-stimulating piece.
Aspen Baker: A Better Way to Talk About Abortion In this ten-minute TED talk, Baker shares how she thinks we can support women who have experienced abortions by listening and sharing stories. 

Map of Pregnancy Resources

Get local help for yourself or someone you love, or find a place to volunteer. Use this map to find local pregnancy resources.


General Resources

The most reliable source for abortion statistics and interpretation is the Alan Guttmacher Institute. This highly respected organization supplies the basic research and statistical analysis that is used by many if not most organizations associated with abortion and/or women’s health issues. Here are a few particularly helpful items:

*Note: Abortion statistics from the Global South should generally be treated with caution. They are often based on small information samples or uncorroborated government statistics.



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