“O come, Desire of nations, bind all peoples in one heart and mind. Bid all our sad divisions cease, and be thyself our King of peace.”

During this Advent season we invite you, through our email devotions, to read stories about the things that make for peace. We invite you to let the narrative of peace orient your Christmas season. 

World Renew and the CRC Office of Social Justice are providing a devotional series for Advent 2016 called The Things that Make for Peace. The devotions will be delivered to your email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of Advent.

“Sad divisions,”—polarization, painful conflict, war—frequently mark our time on earth. We grieve because we have friends or loved ones in the midst of such divisions. Sometimes we even find ourselves in these dark and harmful spaces. In our increasingly connected world, we often read stories of others and are drawn in. We hear about long-standing war, perpetual violence, and exploitation, and we wonder if peace is possible. In our weariness, we often can’t see how it could be. As believers, we look forward to a day when we will experience shalom in all its fullness. But in the space we occupy right now, how can we work toward redemption? Are there places so broken that they are beyond restoration?

This year's devotional series will focus on stories about the things that make for peace. In the midst of so much violence and suffering—civil war in Syria, conflict in Iraq and Sudan, unrest in Colombia, racial tension in the United States, refugee crises in many parts of the world, trauma following natural disasters, disregard of sacred land in North Dakota, and more—where have we seen glimpses of the kingdom of God? Advent is about waiting, but our waiting is not passive. We wait in expectation and hope. This requires action—we are called to be agents of renewal; we are called to be peacemakers. We work to love deeply, to advocate for justice, and we actively seek peace.

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