The CRC has always affirmed that the gospel must be proclaimed in both word and deed, and that a fundamental part of both proclaiming and living out the good news in this world is to raise our voice to our public officials. Public policy has tremendous power to promote justice, flourishing, and the common good—or to entrench systems of oppression and exploitation. When it comes to climate change, just policy is critical in order to move the U.S. and Canada forward toward meeting the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement, committing to a major drop in global emissions and the use of fossil fuels for energy production.

Climate Witness congregations have already been advocating with lawmakers and building long-term relationships with their legislators’ offices. Building these relationships and making decision makers aware of our concerns is a key piece of the Climate Witness Project (CWP), and the CWP staff are committed to walking with you and your congregation as you do this work. We can help set up meetings, offer coaching on how to conduct a legislative visit, provide talking points, and more! We want to help you raise your voice on behalf of God’s creation and alongside our neighbors around the world who are poor and vulnerable.


Partner with your Climate Witness Project Regional Organizer

Regional Organizers serve as key ambassadors for the Climate Witness Project in the various regional territories. By signing up to partner with them, you will be privileged with information sharing on upcoming legislative meetings and lobbying days you can get involved in, get plugged in with educational resources as well opportunities to meet with local and state representatives to discuss the issue of climate change. Get connected here. 


Sign Up for Action Alerts and Updates

If you want to stay up to date with important advocacy opportunities, the latest creation care resources, and news from other congregations walking the road of creation and climate justice, then sign up for our creation and climate update newsletter! Be sure to check the 'Creation Care' special updates box on the signup form.


Action Center

Want to learn more about what the Climate Witness Project has been advocating for? Head over to the CWP Action Center to view our ongoing action opportunities and to add your voice!


Biblical Advocacy 101

Not sure about this whole advocacy thing? Still wondering what it has to do with the gospel and Christian discipleship? Check out this great free resource—Biblical Advocacy 101—from the CRC Office of Social Justice, World Renew, Bread for the World, and the Alliance to End Hunger. It offers a definition of Christian advocacy, the biblical basis for doing advocacy, success stories, and concrete instructions on how to do advocacy and how to make it most effective.

  Check out the Canadian version here.                               Check out the U.S. version here.                                                                   



Climate Witness Project Op-eds

Phase One of the Climate Witness Project saw 14 op-eds published in major U.S. and Canadian newspapers (including the Huffington Post, Des Moines Register, Newark Star Ledger, Grand Rapids Press, Holland Sentinel, Hamilton Spectator, and Albuquerque Journal) as well as in many online outlets.

They have all been compiled together in order to share the knowledge and wisdom of their authors with everyone. These were written and published by typical, CRC members who have educated themselves and moved to action. What’s stopping you from joining the Climate Witness Project and doing the same? Read the op-eds here.