Blessing Not Burden Partners is a project designed to empower small groups to walk with their congregations as they learn more about our broken immigration system and how it impacts the people God calls us to welcome and defend. Partners work to educate their congregations, help integrate the topic of immigration into worship, find their voice to speak to their public officials about common sense immigration policy, and connect church members to local efforts and organizations working with immigrants.

Blessing Not Burden partners are 3 or more people in a congregation that have signed the Blessing Not Burden campaign pledge and are committed to deepening their church’s understanding of immigration. Partners are also willing to give their names and contact information to the Office of Social Justice and the Blessing Not Burden regional organizer to connect and guide you along the way. Below are ideas of ways partners can engage their congregations:







  • Invite people to sign up for periodic immigration updates and actions alerts
  • Show up for town halls, write op-eds, and publicly advocate for immigrant-friendly policies
  • Work to set up legislative meetings with elected officials for church members



  • Reach out and develop relationship with local immigrant church
  • Host a Know Your Rights or a Family Preparedness training through reaching out to a local immigration attorney
  • Connect a group to volunteer or partner with immigrant-focused ministries (tutoring, child care, food)
  • Find and contact your local immigrant justice/sanctuary coalition and attend their meetings.


Visit the Resources page of our Immigration pages to learn more details about these ideas.


Are you interested in being a Blessing Not Burden partner? Do you want to learn more about what it means to be a part of this movement?

Fill out this form and Kelsey from the Office of Social Justice will contact you to answer any questions and give you more details.