Are you or your congregation interested in participating in the Climate Witness Project? If members of your congregation want to participate in the Climate Witness Project or if you would like to learn more about it, please contact us anytime at


Become a Climate Witness Partner!

Please fill out the form here. As a partner, you:

1. Agree with the CRC Synod’s statement that:

a) Human-induced climate change is a moral, ethical, and religious issue.

b) Human-induced climate change poses a significant threat to future generations, the poor, and the vulnerable.

c) Human-induced climate change, as a global phenomenon, poses a significant challenge to us all.

d) Urgent action at the personal, communal, and political levels is required to address climate change.

2. Agree to receive electronic communications from the Climate Witness Project, including newsletters, action alerts, updates on what CWP congregations are doing, and more.

3. Intend to do something to address climate change. We don’t presume to tell you what you need to do. Instead, we are creating a network of congregations and individual Christians who share ideas and experiences around: 1) Energy Stewardship, 2) Worship, 3) Education, and 4) Advocacy.

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Regional Organizers

British Columbia: Samuel Chiu,

U.S Rockies: Barry Meyer,

Greater Alberta: Joanne Vandergrift,

Eastern Canada (Hamilton/Ontario): Henry Brouwer,

Northwest Iowa: Lindsay Mouw,

California: Donna Lee,

Eastern U.S: Allen Drew,

Eastern Canada (Toronto): David Flikkema,

Greater Chicago: Jay De Man,

West Michigan: Steve Mulder,