You can join what God is doing through the church to support the passage of humane immigration reform.


Sign the pledge and join the Matthew 25 Movement


“I pledge to protect and defend vulnerable people in the name of Jesus.”

The Matthew 25 Pledge is a national Christian movement formed in response to threats of policies that will do harm to vulnerable people, particularly immigrants, Muslims, and people of color. This movement will provide resources to help you commit to daily prayer for people who are at risk of harm, educate your community about policies that harm vulnerable people, multiply the movement by inviting others to sign this pledge, and use your voice to advocate for more just policies that protect the vulnerable.

Once you take the pledge, join the network of churches around the country working to engage their communities. Become a Matthew 25 congregation here.


Join the Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden Campaign


Even though immigrants bring a wealth of cultural and economic growth to our country, mainstream culture frequently refers to them as a burden. That conversation must be changed, and we have launched this campaign to make that happen. You can share the truth about immigrants: Sign, Share, Wear, and Change the Conversation.

Visit for ways to join the campaign and get involved! Like the campaign page by visiting


Host a Church Between Borders workshop in your church


Church Between Borders is an interactive workshop that helps participants understand the brokenness of the U.S. immigration system and immigration policy through history. The workshop brings people from many perspectives together to engage immigration from a biblical perspective.Interested in hosting Church Between Borders in your church? Click here to learn more.


Advocate for just immigration policies


Calling on your elected officials to reform United States immigration laws and to enact policies reflecting that immigrants are a blessing, not a burden, is critical. Loving our neighbor can take many forms, including advocacy. In order to have more just laws supporting our immigrant brothers and sisters, we can love our neighbor by contacting our congressional representatives. This is also one of the ways we can steward our voices to change the conversation to make a broad impact on many people’s lives.

Visit our Action Center for specific ways to advocate for better immigration policies.


Sign up for the OSJ immigration newsletter


Stay up to date on immigration news and legislation in the United States and learn about timely opportunities to get involved. Be sure to check the 'Immigration' special updates box on the signup form.

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Screen The Stranger Film


The Stranger is a 40-minute documentary film commissioned by the Evangelical Immigration Table and produced by Emmy-award winning producer Linda Midgett. The Stranger profiles three immigrant stories and includes interviews with local and national Christian leaders.

By highlighting biblical teaching related to immigrants, sharing compelling stories of immigrants who are also evangelical Christians, and addressing some common economic and political misconceptions, The Stranger seeks to mobilize evangelical Christians to respond to immigrants and to immigration policy in ways that are consistent with biblical principles.

Click here to learn more about watching the film.