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The CRCNA has an immigration story. Originally founded by Dutch Reformed immigrants in the mid-1800s, the immigrant experience is a significant part of our denomination’s history. Unless you are First Nations or descendents of enslaved peoples, your family has an immigration story, too.

To hear one another’s immigration stories and learn about immigration in the U.S. both yesterday and today, engage your congregation in the “Immigration Is Our Story” workshop created by the CRC’s Office of Social Justice and Faith Formation Ministries. This workshop can last anywhere from 90-120 minutes.

This workshop was inspired by the Immigration Is Our Story audio series that the Office of Social Justice launched in the spring of 2019. By listening to the immigration stories of various CRC and RCA members, this project is intended to remind us of where many of us came from and what we have in common with today's immigrants. Listen to these stories here or by participating in the Immigration Is Our Story workshop.


Download the free Immigration is Our Story Workshop Guide here or order a hard copy through Faith Alive here. Immigration is Our Story Workshop Guide Cover


Want to add your family’s immigration story to our collection? Learn how here.

Looking to dig deeper on U.S. immigration? Host us for our “Church Between Borders” workshop


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To host us for this workshop or ask any questions, please send us an email. Kendra David ( will contact you within a week. We are thrilled that you are interested and are excited to help you and your congregation to better engage with your immigrant neighbors.