Various CRC ministries address other important social justice issues not included here. Feel free to browse their websites to learn more about those issues and how to get involved.


Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee

Known affectionately as “cam-c”, Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee (CAMC) is a CRC committee that cares deeply about the relationships between indigenous peoples and non-indigenous Canadians. CAMC provides lay leadership to the CRC on Indigenous issues in Canada. CAMC has the specific role of educating and mobilizing CRC members and congregations to live in reconciled relationships as covenant (treaty) people before our Creator with focus on reconciling the relationship between Aboriginal people and non Aboriginal people in Canada. 


Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue (Canada)

Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue (CPD) believes that every person is created in the image of Creator God. From this foundation,  CPD works to promote the flourishing of all people through constructive dialogue and advocacy in Canada. As Christian citizens CPD stands with vulnerable and marginalized people in our communities as allies and work toward a just world in which structures and institutions give every person the opportunity to thrive. Specific issues CPD works on: 


Climate Change

Human Trafficking

Indigenous Justice

Refugee Justice


CRC Office of Race Relations

The Ofice of Race Relations (ORR) resources Christian Reformed members and congregations as we dismantle the causes and effects of racism within the body of believers and throughout the world. ORR helps you to live as God’s diverse and unified family.


Disability Concerns

Disability Concerns helps churches become healthier communities that embody the whole body of Christ.


Safe Church Ministries

Safe Church Ministry equips congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response. We help build communities where the value of each person is honored; where people are free to worship and grow free from abuse; and where abuse has occurred, the response is compassion and justice that foster healing.


World Renew

Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, World Renew joins communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. World Renew's worldwide ministry is three-fold: community development, disaster response and rehabilitation, and peace and justice.