• Immigration

    One of the best ways to love our immigrant neighbors is to advocate for immigration reform. These worship, discussion, and informational resources are meant to help individuals and congregations navigate this important issue.
  • Sanctity of Human Life

    God’s gift of life multiplies. We’ve taken that gift for granted. Abortion happens for a variety of reasons, rooted in humanity’s disregard for the value of life.
  • Refugees

    We engage in the hands-on work of resettling and befriending refugees in Canada and United States, but we also know that we must speak up on behalf of refugees to work for just policies.
  • Creation Care

    Our Creator God has made a magnificent, complex, beautiful world, and this world is not unaffected by what we humans do. Christians who are concerned for social justice shouldn't consider creation care and justice as separate or unrelated issues. Indeed, environmental degradation often first and most affects poor and vulnerable populations.  
  • Religious Persecution

    The freedom to worship and serve God is a God-given human right. And yet there is a growing epidemic of persecution of religious minorities around the world. These religious minorities are often also ethnic minorities who suffer economic and social isolation as well.
  • Middle East Peace

    The OSJ encourages Christians in their efforts to stand in active solidarity with Christian communities in the Middle East as they face the challenge of maintaining a faithful Christian presence in increasingly volatile environments and witness to the gospel of grace, justice, and peace.
  • Poverty and Hunger

    Ending world hunger and poverty requires more than compassion and more than sustainable development. It also requires justice.
  • Restorative Justice

    In Jesus, we see what love looks like: God restores the world. In the cross, God’s justice does is not retributive; it is instead peacemaking, reconciling, restoring and healing. Christ’s followers are called to subvert evil through love, pursue peace in conflict, work for the restoration of brokenness.
  • Past Issues

    Based on interest from churches, mandates from Synod, and current events, we focus on a select number of active issues. While these issues are not part of our active issues, feel free to browse the resources and information on this page. As need arises, we’ll update this page with new information and resources.
  • Issues Addressed by Partners

    Various CRC ministries address other important social justice issues not included here. Feel free to browse their websites to learn more about those issues and how to get involved.