-Simei Monteiro

Based on Isaiah 58:11


E as águas fluirão do teu altar, Senhor,

e inundarão a terra;

e seremos como um jardim regado, cuidado,

exposta à vida…


Cascading waters flowing from your altar, Lord,

will flood the earth with blessing;

we will be like a garden which is watered and tended,

with life effervescing….


Hope of the Earth

-Noah McLaren

Based on Psalm 65


God of mercy, God of grace,

Maker of the heavens,

Great Abundance is your name

For you bless the harvest ev’ry year, ev’ry year….


O Corpo (The Body)

-Simei Monteiro


Tu nos deste este corpo

como exemplo

de harmonia e de beleza;

Não permitas que o tornemos

um motivo de tristeza,

mas que expresse com alegria

teu alento e dom da vida.


You gave each of us this body

as example

of your harmony and beauty,

so don’t let it be a reason

to become a cause of sorrow

but give joyful live expression

to the breathing of your Spirit.


Agnus Dei

Traditional liturgical, adapted by Simei Monteiro


O Lamb of God,

Who takes the sin of the world,

Have mercy upon us,

Upon us.

Have mercy upon us,

O Lamb of God,

Come grant us peace!


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