You can help create a new crowd-sourced collection of creation care worship resources.

We Need Resources That:

  • Offer hope and praise
  • Join the prayers of those most impacted (the vulnerable, and those in poverty) by extreme weather and climate change
  • Praise God for the miracle of the created world
  • Inspire us to follow the call to stewardship
  • Reflect Reformed theology and its deep commitment to creation stewardship

Submissions can be made under the topics of:

  • Call to worship
  • Prayers (i.e. opening, offertory, intercession, and praise)
  • Call to and prayers of confession and assurance
  • Sermon notes for specific texts
  • Communion prayers of thanksgiving
  • Baptismal prayer of thanksgiving
  • Sending
  • Responsive reading
  • Full liturgy and order of worship
  • Congregational songs and hymns (text only or text with tune)
  • Visuals
  • Other creative worship tools


Use this form to make your submission by June 30. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are invited to make a submission. You could also create a submission as a small group, worship team, or children’s group.

Looking for tips for how to get started on creating a new worship resource? Check out these ideas from Reformed Worship.

If you have questions you can email Kris VanEngen at