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(616) 224-5883
(877) 279-9994
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Canadian Office
(905) 336-2920 x4296
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Reggie Smith (616) 224-5883

Shared with Office of Race Relations


Justice Mobilizing Team Leader

Kris Van Engen (616) 224-0812

Shared with World Renew


Canada Justice Mobilizer

Cindy Stover

Shared with Canadian Ministries

                                             Diaconal MinistriesWorld Renew, and

                                             Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue


Justice Mobilizing and Advocacy Fellow

Cameron Kritikos (616) 241-1691 x2819



Justice Communications Team Coordinator 

Danielle Steenwyk-Rowaan (905) 336-2920 x4296

Shared with Office of Race Relations,

Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee, and

                                            Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue


Communication Specialist

Paola Fuentes Gleghorn (616) 241-1691 x2783

Shared with Faith Formation Ministries


Justice Education Team Leader 

Kate Kooyman (616) 241-1691 x2120



Climate Witness Project Consultant

Steve Mulder (616) 581-2020



Climate Witness Project (Volunteer)

Richard Killmer



Washington DC Representative (Volunteer)

Gary Mulder (703) 220-5989




Mailing Address:

US: 1700 28th Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

CAN: 3475 Mainway, PO Box 5070 STN LCD 1, Burlington, ON L7R 3