Part of an elected official’s job is to listen to constituents. Members of Parliament and members of Congress will welcome perspectives and input from you. Without feedback from constituents and organizations that work directly with vulnerable groups, elected officials may not modify their views or take action on a specific issue.

In order to make it easier for you to contact your elected leaders, we send out action alerts, which are are periodic calls for action relating to our main justice issues. Each action alert contains legislative background in a CRC context and a few talking points to address with your member of Congress or member of Parliament. Click on the button below to take our latest action alerts:


Is it better to call, or write? What do I say? Learn this and more with our helpful Canadian Biblical advocacy guide and


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US Version:

New Faith in Action advocacy workshop - Contacting elected officials may be daunting, but sharing your well-informed opinion can make a real difference on the justice issues that you care about, and can bring about long-term changes to unjust systems. This workshop will help you learn how to navigate the political system to make your voice heard by local, provincial, and national leaders. Download the workshop at

*The workshop was developed for Canada, but a U.S. version will be made available upon request.


Can kids reach out to Congress? Yes! "Just because you can’t vote yet doesn’t mean you can’t voice your view on things that matter to you. Your representatives in congress represent everyone in their district, including children. By reaching out to your congressman or woman, you can help influence their vote on potential laws and regulations that affect you, your family, your friends or your community." Check out this helpful website to learn how kids can reach out to Congress.