Climate Conversation: Bangladesh

Millions of people every year are displaced due to weather hazards like storms, extreme heat, and floods. In Bangladesh, changing weather patterns and rainy seasons, droughts, and flooding are threatening food security and the livelihoods of farmers. This new series of five videos from World Renew and the Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice puts the spotlight on Bangladesh, where World Renew is promoting floating gardens, alternative means of livelihoods like ducks, and addressing health issues. We invite you to consider how you can help address the trajectory of climate change through advocacy.

The series of five videos would work well for an adult education class, small group gathering, or even your own personal use. 


Bangladesh Videos Bible Study Materials 

The Bangladesh Bible Study Series is a three-week Bible study designed to help Christians engage faithfully with the issue of climate change in church groups, youth groups, community organizations, and more. It not only explores our biblical mandate to be stewards of creation but also convicts us of our Christian calling to be advocates for people who are poor and vulnerable. Download the Bible study as a PDF here.


Video 1

Bangladesh: The Canary in the Coal Mine

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). When World Renew began working in Bangladesh 40 years ago, malnutrition and hunger were rampant, but since then the numbers of people suffering malnutrition and hunger have been cut in half. Despite this great success, the progress made after decades of faithfulness is currently being threatened by a changing climate that has led to mass flooding, widespread crop failure, and the displacement of millions of people. Though it is tempting to believe this issue is out of reach and unrelated to our lives, God calls each of us both to love Bangladesh and to love God’s creation—and therefore it is the duty of Christians to protect creation and the vulnerable people who live in it. An important way to do this is to advocate for public policy that will protect people and the rest of God’s creation.


Video 2

The Food that Floats

Increased flooding and unpredictable rains as a result of the changing climate have made survival difficult for the people of Bangladesh. Crops have been wiped out, and in most families the adults can barely feed themselves and their children. Through it all, the people of Bangladesh have proved to be resilient. With the help of World Renew in collaboration with PARI Development Trust, the people of Bangladesh have begun to adopt innovative farming practices to endure what can be confidently described as an insecure life.


Video 3

Chickens Sink, Ducks Don't

Many farmers in Bangladesh have lost their farms to floods. Innovative additions to farming practices help farmers adapt to a changing environment.


Video 4

The Changing Climate and Human Health

Countries like Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable to climate change. The effects on human health are very serious and varied. Learn what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, and consider how you might make a difference.


Video 5 

Advocacy: Called to Speak Out

Flash floods, hunger, serious illnesses, the migrant crisis—these are but a few of the disastrous effects climate change has unleashed on the people of Bangladesh. They implore their Christian brothers and sisters around the world to see this as not only a global moral issue but also as a global justice issue that summons us as Christians to live up to our Christian calling as advocates.