We've been working hard to spread the truth about the blessings of immigrants in our country and to counter myths that have the power to turn into policy that harms our immigrant brothers and sisters. 

  • Together we’ve worn and used over 1,000 t-shirts, tote bags, and yard signs to spread the message far and wide that immigrants are a blessing, not a burden, and to start conversations about why that message is true.
  • Together we’ve had over 100 conversations in congregations about why undocumented immigrants can’t just “get in line” and why our immigration system is broken.
  • This work has already borne good fruit! Together we’ve sent over 10,000 letters to politicians to advocate for more welcoming policies.

We have the tools to make change, and they are needed now more than ever. Will you donate today and help us make change? 

Any level of support is a crucial part of helping the CRC maintain its witness on this issue. Whether it’s $5, $10, $100 or another amount, your gift will go directly to equipping people like you, in congregations, to educate their communities, help integrate the topic of immigration into worship, find their voice to speak to their public officials about common-sense immigration policy, and connect church members to local efforts.