The issues of creation care and climate change can feel overwhelming. Mounting evidence of over-exerted fisheries; ever-depleting soil quality due to overzealous industrial agriculture; new reports detailing the ever-increasing urgency of climate action, coupled with even more reports about political ambivalence and public doubt -- all of these together can leave creation care advocates feeling hopeless.

So we lean on the promises of our creator God, who is restoring his creation, who invites us to participate, and who sustains us.

What might God be calling you to do? Are you passionate about environmental justice and fighting pollution in low-income communities? Are you interested in raising awareness about the global climate crisis and advocating for action? Excited about your local community’s air, soil, and water quality? Motivated to help your church integrate a concern for creation into its life of worship? Check out some of our latest campaigns below to get involved.

Climate Witness Project 

Have you ever asked, “What could I or my congregation possibly do about climate change?” If so, you’re not alone, and over the past year, CRC congregations across the U.S. and Canada have been coming together to find an answer in the Climate Witness Project.

The Climate Witness Project is a campaign designed to walk with congregations as they learn about the realities of climate change, as they seek to be better stewards of the resources they have been given, and as they find their voice to speak to their public officials about common sense climate policy that will benefit the earth, people around the world who are poor and vulnerable, and future generations.

The Climate Witness Project has so far involved nearly 1200 individuals from more than 122 congregations and campus groups—representing over 20 denominations including the Christian Reformed Church—across the U.S. and Canada on the issue of climate change

To help support the project in the U.S. and Canada click on the buttons below.


Creation Care Preaching Challenge

You can read the Creation Care Preaching Challenge submissions here! Thank you to everyone who participated for helping us reflect on the Bible's teachings about creation care. Have a look and get inspired. 


Bangladesh: Creation Care Series

Millions of people every year are displaced due to weather hazards like storms, extreme heat, and floods. In Bangladesh, changing weather patterns and rainy seasons, droughts, and flooding are threatening food security and the livelihoods of farmers. This new series of five videos from World Renew and the Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice (OSJ) puts the spotlight on Bangladesh, where World Renew is promoting floating gardens, alternative means of livelihoods like ducks, and addressing health issues. We invite you to consider how you can help address the trajectory of climate change through advocacy.

The series of five videos would work well for an adult education class, small group gathering, or even your own personal use. Stay tuned for a discussion guide for the videos coming soon!


Bangladesh Videos Bible Study Materials 

The Bangladesh Bible Study Series is a three-week Bible study designed to help Christians engage faithfully with the issue of climate change in church groups, youth groups, community organizations, and more. It not only explores our biblical mandate to be stewards of creation but also convicts us of our Christian calling to be advocates for people who are poor and vulnerable. Download the Bible study as a PDF here.


Climate Conversation: Kenya

For millions of subsistence farmers in Kenya, climate change is not a political debate. It is a reality in which adaptation can mean the difference between life and death. The Climate Conversation: Kenya video series is a chance to move past the white noise and to get up close and personal with the issues of climate change and environmental stewardship. It is a chance to meet people, not statistics; to hear stories, not arguments. It is an invitation to a conversation. Learn more at


Creation Care Advocacy

Canadian Foodgrains Bank - Smallholder farmers are among those most likely to suffer hunger from climate change. Support climate change adaptation funding! - Check out their "Featured Projects and Campaigns" to get involved! Sign a petition for clean energy or start a 350 group in your own community!

A Rocha - If you are passionate about conservation, A Rocha has lots of ways for you to get involved and let your voice be heard!

Restoring Eden - A small, Christian organization, Restoring Eden is always looking for more committed, passionate Christians looking to love, serve, and protect God’s good creation. From service projects to direct legislative advocacy, Restoring Eden will help you use your voice to join creation in worshipping the Creator.

Evangelical Environmental Network: If you are a Christian in support of life, lend your voice to movements to raise awareness for mercury poisoning and the connection between climate change and the vulnerable. Sign pledges and spread the word!

Write a letter to your representatives - A directory of all public servants in the United States with links to their websites and contact information. 

Write a letter to your Members of Parliament - Find your Member of Parliament using your postal code. Let your representatives/Members of Parliament hear your concerns!

Visit our Action Center for more ways to get involved.  


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