Become a Matthew 25 Congregation (U.S.)

“I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.”

After signing the pledge, if you are interested in your church joining with other churches across the country as part of the Matthew 25 movement please contact our office and we will help you to get started. Matthew 25 congregations will work together to carry out your commitment to protect vulnerable people in the U.S. through actions like:


Get Informed. 

This might include hosting a film or a Church Between Borders educational event at your church.


Be active truth-tellers.

Churches can use Blessing Not Burden campaign resources to spread the truth of the positive contributions immigrants make to our churches, economy, and communities. Participants can also sign up for action alerts from the OSJ to advocate for immigrant rights, join legislative meetings or even set up an advocacy action center in their church.


Be in relationship with immigrants.

If your congregation does not already have an active immigrant ministry this would mean looking for opportunities to partner with other organizations. Churches could also help immigrants in their community gain affordable access to legal counsel or support local “know your rights” trainings.


Bear one another’s burdens.

Churches who are getting informed, telling the truth and in relationship with immigrants may also find themselves walking with a family who is in need of protection from deportation. If there is a family in your church who may have a need for sanctuary we can help you prepare to become a Sanctuary church.


It only takes one person to take the first steps towards becoming a Matthew 25 church. If you are interested let us know!

Kelsey Herbert -


We are just one part of this Matthew 25 grassroots movement. To learn more, visit this page.