Be a Blessing Not Burden Partner

The Matthew 25 pledge invites Christians around the country to commit to protect and defend vulnerable people. We want to give you tangible resources and concrete actions to work with your congregation to stand with immigrants in your community.


At the center of this movement are Blessing not Burden Partners:

Blessing Not Burden Partners is a project designed to empower small groups to walk with their congregations as they learn more about our broken immigration system and how it impacts the people God calls us to welcome and defend. Partners work to educate their congregations, help integrate the topic of immigration into worship, find their voice to speak to their public officials about common sense immigration policy, and connect church members to local efforts.

Blessing Not Burden partners are 3 or more people in a congregation that have signed the Blessing Not Burden campaign pledge and are committed to deepening their church’s understanding of immigration. Partners are also willing to give their names and contact information to the Office of Social Justice and the Blessing Not Burden regional organizer to connect and guide you along the way.


Visit the Blessing Not Burden Partners website to learn more about how to be a Partner!