Based on interest from churches, mandates from Synod, and current events, we focus on a select number of active issues. While these issues are not part of our active issues, feel free to browse the resources and information on this page. As need arises, we’ll update this page with new information and resources.


Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are diamonds illegally traded to fund conflict in war-torn areas, particularly in central and western Africa. These diamonds are also referred to as blood diamonds. Because they are portable, easily hidden, high in value, and difficult to trace, diamonds are an easy target for smuggling and corruption. Warlords in several underdeveloped African countries have forced tens of thousands of people to mine diamonds in brutal conditions, while using the proceeds to buy weapons. When a civil war broke out in Sierra Leone, financed in part by the illicit diamond trade, the CRC became especially involved. Learn more >>


Cuba Embargo

The CRCNA has advocated on behalf of the Cuban Christian Reformed Church for over a decade to end the U.S.'s embargo of Cuba. Our denomination has a strong relationship with the Cuban CRC, which has continued to grow and flourish despite restrictions on civil society and religious freedom. The CRCNA has advocated to end the U.S.'s embargo of Cuba, because it hurts our ministry in that country. The U.S. government restricts the ability its citizens to fulfill the great commission of Matthew 28 by denying them the freedom to visit and give financial support to Cuban churches. The embargo also hurts the people of the Cuban CRC, and they have urged us to advocate for reform. Learn more >>



The number of people living with and dying from AIDS is staggering. This disease has particularly impacted the poor and vulnerable, who, without sufficient education, infrastructure, access to treatment and support, suffer the most. More than 60% of the world's 39 million infected people live in sub-Saharan Africa alone. It is estimated that 20 million children will be orphaned in the next several years as their parents die from the disease. Women and children are especially vulnerable. Jesus says that just as we do to the least among us, we do unto him. How can we glorify our Lord by caring for those afflicted with this terror of a disease? Learn more >>


Life Issues

Hot topic issues of life and death ethics - stem cell research, the death penalty - are not included in the mandate of the OSJ, which focuses mostly on a small set of justice issues that relate to root causes of poverty and hunger. However, because justice issues of life and death are, rightly so, of great importance to the CRC and broader church community, we have provided a few links here that we thought might be valuable resources. Learn more >>


Peace and War

In our broken world, we experience and contribute to conflict on a daily basis. Although military conflict may feel far away to many of us, we too often behave in ways that threatens our relationships with our families, neighbors, and communities. We also fail to recognize that in a globalized world, our actions and inactions can impact on wars on the other side of the world. In the midst of such brokenness, we are called to be peacemakers. How, in a world of such strife, are Christians to build peace? How should we think about war? And how do we talk to one another about these issues with open hearts in patience, love and humility? Learn more >>